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Proteus Industries Inc.

Tanks & Vessels

flowmeter, flowsensors,flowswitches,...

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What we do

Proteus Industries was founded by Jon Heiner in 1978. Starting his career in the semiconductor equipment industry and recognizing the need for reliable flow switch, he developed Proteus’ first flow switch, model 100B, and acquired his first customer, Varian.
Since that time, Proteus Industries has developed into the leader in flow measurement innovation and manufactures a complete line of flow management devices at the highest specifications in the industry.
Proteus offers a full line of instruments and control solutions for the semiconductor and fab equipment industry. Today, our products are used in virtually every semiconductor fab around the world.
Our products include liquid flow switches, meters and sensors that are used worldwide to protect thousands of induction furnaces, robotic welders, high-power lasers and plasma cutting and semiconductor processing systems.

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